Judge issues warrant after cattle-dealing farmer fails to appear in court

Defendant’s son and co-accused was taken into psychiatric care that day, solicitor says

Gardaí in Co Kerry have executed a bench warrant on a cattle-dealing farmer who previously admitted a number of breaches of animal health regulations.

John C Casey, Snr, also known as Christy Casey (aged 60) failed to appear in court at the last scheduled hearing of his case, at Killarney District Court on June, 18th and Judge David Waters issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

Mr Casey of Crosstown, Killarney, Co Kerry was arrested by gardaí at Corbally,

Killorglin at 1.10 pm, on Tuesday, July 9th, the court was told on Tuesday as he was brought before Judge David Waters in his farming attire.


Mr Casey had pleaded guilty at Killarney District Court in April to a number of breaches including a number of breaches of EU Bovine Regulations and a number of breaches of the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013.

Solicitor Padraig O’Connell on Tuesday said his client wished to apologise for his failure to appear on June 18th.

His son, John Jnr Casey aged 37 a co-accused, had been taken for psychiatric care on the date and "still remains" at UHK in the psychiatric unit there, Mr O'Connell, solicitor said.

A medical court setting out prognosis was awaited, Mr O’ Connell also said.

Judge Waters said said Mr Casey should have informed Mr O’Connell and had he done so a bench warrant would not have been issued.

Gardaí consented to bail, and on application by Mr O’ Connell Judge David Waters remanded Mr Casey on bail to September 3rd next.