Halloween night: Fire brigade warns of missing fingers and flammable costumes

Check children’s costumes have European CE safety symbol, fire brigade warns parents

Halloween decorations in Lanigan’s Pub in Dublin. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Halloween decorations in Lanigan’s Pub in Dublin. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire


Parents should ensure their children’s Halloween costumes have the European CE safety symbol, Dublin Fire Brigade has warned.

David Kavanagh, district officer with Dublin Fire Brigade, also warned of the dangers of fireworks.

“Unfortunately fireworks are illegal and the ones that are available tend to be inferior. They should be mounted on a metre long stick, some people think they can set it off in their hand and then throw it.

“Sadly it can go off in their hand. We have seen people with fingers missing, with wrist parts missing. They are very dangerous,” he told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland.

Dublin Fire Brigade recently visited schools in an effort to educate children on fire safety and the dangers.

“We are trying to educate children in the hope that they can get through the night (Halloween) without injuries.”

Bonfires are a particular safety concern, he said. Mr Kavanagh pointed out that a basic safety measure is if your face gets warm then you’re too near the bonfire.

Unfortunately in some cases it is too late at that stage as costumes in flammable material can catch fire very easily.

If the costume does not carry the European CE safety label then parents should not allow their children to wear them.

He also cautioned about home made costumes made from flammable materials.

Fire brigade crews were attacked on Monday while approaching Halloween bonfires in Dublin and an officer suffered an ear injury after a firework was thrown at him in the west of the city.

A Dublin Fire Brigade spokesman said there had been a number of attacks on its members in the last few days as they attended the scenes of illegal bonfires.

One officer suffered a perforated eardrum when a firework was thrown as the crew attempted to put out a bonfire in Blanchardstown on Sunday night.

The spokesman said attacks on fire crews were not unusual.

He said on Monday night that units of the fire brigade were attending illegal bonfires at Dolphin’s Barn, Ballyfermot, Darndale, Finglas and Tallaght and attempts were made to prevent crews dousing the fires.

The spokesman added that people should only attend legal bonfires on Halloween night and in areas designated by local authorities.