Expelled councillor McCarthy to continue Sinn Féin action

Cork councillor says he has no faith in the party’s internal appeals system

A councillor expelled from Sinn Féin said he intended to continue his legal action against the party, despite having his expulsion temporarily overturned.

Kieran McCarthy had his expulsion temporarily overturned after a decision by the party’s ard comhairle on Saturday.

The party is also allowing him leave to appeal the decision and asking him to assist in its investigation into issues in Cork East.

Mr McCarthy said he had no intention of appealing his expulsion and intended to continue with his action against the party.


He said he had no faith in the party’s internal appeals system and said this move was an attempt by Sinn Féin to save face.

The Cork councillor said: “This is a response to the legal action that I have initiated. That is at the heart of this.

“This has done untold damage to the party and it has all been caused by their own stupidity.”

Mr McCarthy was expelled from the party after a review into its structures in the constituency.

The party’s ard comhairle met on Saturday and agreed to overturn this decision on a temporary basis and granted him the right to appeal.

It also asked him to assist the party in its investigations into financial irregularities in the constituency.

Mr McCarthy was due to meet his legal team on Tuesday.

The party also agreed to grant Councillor Melissa Mullane leave to appeal her suspension.

Ms Mullane was suspended for 12 months following a lengthy review into allegations from sitting Cork East TD Sandra McLellan.

Mr McCarthy and Ms Mullane were informed of the decision on Tuesday.

The appeal process will take 21 days.