Are you a ‘sitting tenant’, afraid to move because of rent hikes? Share your story

Tell us your experience: How have you been impacted by the rental market?

The rate of rent price inflation for sitting tenants is roughly half that of movers or new tenants, according to new figures from property website

In its latest quarterly report, the company said there were just 851 homes available to rent nationally on its website as of May 1st last, the lowest number since its series began in 2006.

The report shows that while market rents have risen by 38 per cent over the past five years, and more than doubled in a decade, rents for those who have stayed put are, on average, just 10 per cent higher now and about 40 per cent up on a decade ago.

Are you one of those sitting tenants? Does the fear of higher rents stop you from moving, even though you might want to move area or to a bigger place? Do you fear being asked to move by your landlord? Does it stop you raising issues like broken appliances with your landlord? We would like to hear about your experience of being a tenant and how you are being impacted by the rental market.

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