Illegal evictions double in Dublin


Illegal evictions in Dublin doubled last month according to Threshold, the national housing organisation, which yesterday called for the urgent introduction of security of tenure in the private rented sector.

Figures released by Threshold show in the first four months of the year its Dublin Advice Centre dealt with more than one illegal eviction every working day. The figures for May show that the centre dealt with more than two illegal evictions a day, totalling 54 evictions.

The director of Threshold, Mr Kieran Murphy, said the figures represented only those who had come for advice and he speculated that the true figure of illegal evictions was higher.

"Behind these statistics are ordinary people who are thrown out of their homes, forced to look for new accommodation at a time when there is a shortage of supply and rapidly rising rents," he said.

Mr Murphy said people illegally evicted may go to court to get an emergency injunction but this is often too expensive for them and the landlord may serve a legal notice to vacant the property in four weeks.

Mr Eamon Gilmore TD, the Labour Party's spokesman on the environment, said he supported Threshold's call for new legislation to provide greater security of tenure. He said his party also supported the introduction of rent certainty and a housing court.

"This is the only country in Europe which has no effective legislation to govern the relationship between tenants and landlords. A new Landlord and Tenant Act is now required to bring Ireland up to speed with practices in other EU states."