‘Sweat is your fat crying’

Monina Mooney looks to re-motivate herself and get back into regular running

I thought I would write a little about running. I typically like to build some runs in to my week. I go through phases where I either want to run every day and push myself to run faster and further or sometimes I just drag myself out for a plod around the block. However I would never have called myself a runner. I don’t know my Personal Best times, I’m often not sure how far I’ve run as I don’t carry any apps or technology to track mileage and I don’t race. However an article I read at the weekend said that the fact of the matter is if you run....you are a runner! Simple as. It doesn’t really matter how fast or slow or how far - you are still a runner. Who knew!

The other reason i thought it worth focusing on running as part of Wicklow's Healthy Town initiative is that the roads around Wicklow are crammed with runners at the moment! You can't move for Lycra clad runners of all ages, shapes and speeds. We are lucky to have a well lit running route around the outskirts of the town so even as evenings (or mornings for the early birds!) are getting darker you can run the Port road pretty safely.

I remember looking at people running and thinking that I could never manage it but it is amazing how quickly you can build up your stamina and speed. I would encourage anyone to give it a go - it is surprisingly addictive. If I might add a piece of advice - people alway say that running is great as it is free, I would say free-ish, it is really worth investing in good supportive runners for comfort and to prevent injury.

So my plan is to re-motivate myself to get back into regular running again as I have lapsed a bit recently. After a few running sessions I always find that the more I run the more I want to run. The truth is that very often the mental benefits outweigh the many physical benefits - it really clears your head and improves your energy levels.


I see that Inbhear Dee Athletics club is offering the chance to join them on a number of runs over the next week. It is a great chance to get some expert advice and to run with others which is always enjoyable. Don't be daunted and think that it's not for you - my experience is that the clubs have people of all abilities and levels of fitness so why not give it a go. The days and times are listed on this website in the calendar section.

Finally I read a quote designed to motivate you to exercise that I thought I would share with you to make you smile...and lace up your runners! “Sweat is your fat crying”....smile at that as you jog your way to good health!