Cyberattack: HSE says staff will get wages but there may be issues with amounts

HSE warns of possible variations between total some staff due and what they are paid

The Health Service Executive has said that all staff who are due to receive their wages this week will be paid, despite the impact of the cyberattack last week on its computer systems.

However it suggested that "some issues" could arise in relation to the amounts staff receive, though any issues will be "rectified in the coming weeks", said a HSE official.

So far, the likely problems are unclear, though informed sources suggest there could be problems calculating allowances and overtime, rather than with the payment of basic pay.

Earlier on Tuesday, Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said it was "an absolute top priority" that staff get paid, but the HSE's payroll system is still out of action from last week's attack.


The HSE's chief clinical officer, Dr Colm Henry, said it is hoped that contingency plans will be in place by Thursday to allow staff to be paid.

In an update to staff, the HSE said payroll would go ahead this week.

“Please be reassured that payroll will proceed this week. It is a key priority. Issues may arise but we are continuing to work on contingency measures in the event they are needed.”

The update added: “Some issues could involve some variations between what staff are due to be paid and what they receive. Don’t worry we will rectify any discrepancies in the coming weeks.”

There are more than 140,000 staff employed in the public health system and they are paid at different points across each month. Not all staff are due to be paid this Thursday.

Martin Wall

Martin Wall

Martin Wall is Washington Correspondent of The Irish Times. He was previously industry correspondent