Choose your colour: and mood


REDsymbolises energy and action and is associated with power, leadership, sexuality and heat. People who like red tend to be optimistic and extrovert. Brides in India wear red on their wedding day to symbolise happiness and passion. Red is also the colour associated with kings and important people. Wearing red gets you noticed – it’s uplifting but can come across as threatening.

YELLOWis a vibrant colour which is associated with light-heartedness and carefree ways. People who like yellow tend to be sociable, confident and rational thinkers. It is a colour often used in public relations and marketing as it suggests friendliness and openness. Wearing yellow lifts the spirits and encourages a positive outlook.

GREENis a balancing colour which is associated with being refreshed and recharged. It is one of the safest colours to wear as it restores stability. It is the colour often chosen for therapeutic environments and medical centres for this reason. Green is deemed to be a good colour to wear when starting new projects, either personal or work-related.

BLUEis the most popular colour and is associated with conciliation and a sense of order, peace, loyalty and trustworthiness. Wearing blue helps keep you cool and calm and it is a great colour to wear in stressful situations. It is interesting to note that blue is the colour of many uniforms including that of the Gardaí.

PINKis associated with sweetness and romance. It is also associated with diffusing tension and preventing arguments. A shade of pink known as Baker-Miller pink is widely used in police cells to suppress hostile and anxious behaviour. It has been suggested that the shift away from the aggressive male stereotype towards a gentler, more rounded male role model is reflected in the fact that many more men wear pink nowadays.

BLACKis associated with magic and mystery and symbolises a sense of power. Black is also the colour most often associated with mourning. People who wear a lot of black are sometimes perceived to be hiding something or trying to maintain a state of control.

BROWNis associated with industriousness and security and those who like brown appreciate comfort, personal safety, strong roots and a settled life. Brown is a very safe colour to wear yet it can make you unwilling to face new challenges for the fear of failure.

WHITEcontains all the colours of the spectrum. It reflects light and is associated with peace, tranquillity, goodness and spirituality. Health professionals and people in the food industry often wear white coats to convey cleanliness and efficiency while courtroom judges wear white wigs to symbolise impartiality. Wearing white can give the impression of perfection which is something life is not.