'Graphically innovative' paper shows modern appeal


LEAVING CERT TECHNOLOGY:IT WAS a “graphically innovative” and “modern” end to the Leaving Cert for students of technology yesterday afternoon.

The subject, which was the last to be examined in this year’s Leaving Cert exams, has attracted almost a thousand students since it was first examined two years ago.

Technology is a wide-ranging subject incorporating elements of design, computing, electronics and mechanics. Four times as many boys as girls are currently studying it for the Leaving Cert.

“Students were pleased with both technology papers yesterday,” said Kieran Christie, ASTI member and teacher at St Attracta’s Community School in Sligo.

“The section A paper was of a particularly high standard, with innovative graphics throughout.”

Graphics included a picture of the famous tubular steel and red leather Bibendum chair by Irish furniture designer and architect Eileen Gray, which was inspired by the Michelin Man.

“The higher paper had a very modern feel. Concepts such as upcycling were topical but also well explained for those students who might not be familiar with the term,” said Mr Christie.

Teachers also praised references to current events in the paper, including constructive design in the context of the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake.

There was also a question referencing the 2012 London Olympics. The materials technology section focused on design for disability.

Students were also asked to look at the advantages of a wind energy system for Ireland.

“Technology is still a minority subject but it is very rewarding, and yesterday’s paper reflected its modernity and relevance to Ireland today,” said Mr Christie.