Glenroe to end 18-year run on RTE in May


Fans of RTE’s Glenroewill be saddened to learn that the drama’s 18-year run is to end in May.

Mr Cathal Goan, RTE’s Director of Television, made the announcement this afternoon, saying the TV series had come to the end of its natural life.

RTE will continue its commitment to "high quality drama" and is developing a range of strong original drama projects, he said.

"Despite the resource difficulties that RTE has, and that are well-known, we have made an absolute commitment to ensure that Sunday nights in the autumn will be graced by home-produced family drama which will reflect what is happening in Ireland today," Mr Goan said.

But a spokesman in RTE said no new drama is currently in production to replace Glenroe.

Mr Goan paid tribute to the actors, writers and production team behind the long-running series, paying special mention to writer, Mr Wesley Burrows.

Originally a spin-off from Bracken, Glenroehas been running on RTE since 1983 and frequently topped the ratings over the years.