Garda convicted of assault gets injunction preventing her dismissal pending appeal


A Garda sergeant convicted of assault has secured a High Court injunction preventing her dismissal from the force pending the outcome of an appeal against her conviction.

Garda Sgt Martha McEnery was convicted by Waterford Circuit Criminal Court last August of assaulting Anthony Holness (39) at New Street, Waterford, in January 2010.

Judge Leonie Reynolds imposed a four-month suspended sentence on Garda Sgt McEnery, Mount Oval, Rochestown, Co Cork. She went to the High Court to prevent the Garda Commissioner from proceeding with her summary dismissal pending the outcome of an appeal.

Ciarán O’Loughlin, for Garda Sgt McEnery, said the criminal case had not been finalised and it would be “unfair and unjust” to dismiss her as the appeal could result in her good name being restored.