Ganley likens EU talks to poker game


Libertas founder Declan Ganley has likened negotiations between European member states on a growth pact to be attached to the fiscal treaty referendum to a game of poker.

Posing for photographs outside Government Buildings in Dublin this afternoon, Mr Ganley held up a book titled '52 Great Poker Tips', which he joked was meant as a present for Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

"Enda Kenny wants us to fold our cards on May 31st and hand them over. We need to hold, we need to wait and see their cards first. We need to see what sort of deal France and Germany are going to propose to solve this European crisis," Mr Ganley said.

He said it was a "real shame" that the referendum could not be delayed, as confirmed by the Referendum Commission, but said the best thing to do now was to "delay the decision by voting No on May 31st and revisiting this when we know what the deal is going to be".

Mr Ganley said he would support a second referendum if a deal on bank debt could be secured and "if we have a serious roadmap to democractic accountability in European institutions".