Former Irish priest to be extradited from the UK to face sexual charges

Carney arrested under European Arrest Warrant

A former Catholic priest who was described as “a serial abuser of children” by an investigation into clerical child abuse in the Archdiocese of Dublin, is to be extradited from Britain to Ireland to face charges of indecently assaulting children.

Mr Bill Carney, aged 73, was arrested in Warwickshire last week under a European arrest warrant. It was issued by the Irish authorities on foot of complaints made by eight men and two women about abuse they allegedly suffered as children at his hands between 1977 and 1989.

Ordained in 1974, he served in a number of Dublin parishes, including Ayrfield, until 1989. He was suspended from, or restricted in, his ministry for some of that time on foot of allegations made, and he was dismissed from the clerical state in 1992.

Mr Carney, who has been held in custody since his arrest on 34 indecent assault charges, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London yesterday before District Justice Nicholas Evans, who ordered his extradition to Ireland by May 20th.

Mark Hennessy

Mark Hennessy

Mark Hennessy is Ireland and Britain Editor with The Irish Times