USI prepares for final voter registration push

Students not registered to vote can fill out RFA2 form for inclusion on register of electors


The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) is calling on students who have not yet registered to vote to do so before it is too late for the upcoming general election.

People who have missed the deadline for inclusion on the Register of Electors must complete a RFA2 – Inclusion in Supplement form, ensuring it has been signed by a member of the Garda Siochána and delivered to the relevant local authoritybefore the fourteenth day (Sundays, public holidays and Good Friday excluded) before polling day.

This is a statutory requirement.

Eligible electors whose names are included will be entitled to vote at an election or referendum held during the lifetime of the register

Students gathered at Garda stations in Galway, Mayo and Tralee on Wednesday to add their names on the register.

The Union of Students in Ireland has registered over 80,000 new student voters over the past two years and is planning to register thousands more before the general election due to take place on the 26th February.

“The amount of students who are registering to vote for the upcoming general election is just outstanding,” said USI president Kevin Donoghue.

“Students are really energised to vote in this election and to make sure their voice is properly heard. We’ve seen across Twitter and Facebook how many students are excited to register their vote, and voice, but today is only the beginning of our campaign to #Rocktheregister in 2016 - tomorrow there will be a major election registration push from DIT Students’ Union.”

Mr Donoghue said the USI expects the student vote to be “a powerful contributor to the outcome” of the election.

“Students will vote for parties who prioritise education by increasing student support and grants, and who reduce the registration fee,” he said.

“Ireland has the second highest college registration fee in Europe. That’s not good enough. It’s unaffordable for so many young people. Education should be a basic human right, not a privilege.”