Technical Graphics


STUDENTS doing the higher level technical graphics exam faced a lot of hard thinking yesterday afternoon, according to teachers. The ordinary level was "satisfactory", said Mr Philip McLaughlin, vice principal of Carndonagh Community School, Co Donegal.

As usual, he said, the higher level paper demanded "a very high standard" from students. There was "an awful lot of work to be done," he said. "Students would need to be pretty alert. Questions 1 and 5 in section B were "two of the stickiest questions."

Mr Eugene Flynn, a technical graphics teacher at St Patrick's College, Tuam, Co Galway, also said question 1 on in section B of the higher level paper was tough. "It has got harder since last year." Question 5 was also difficult.

The ordinary level paper was straight forward, he said, and "very well presented." Students were asked to recap on all they had learned - "this would suit the average student."