‘My advice for graduates? Choose your love and love your choice’

My Career Path: Chemistry graduate Jonty Craine is audit associate with Deloitte’s Belfast-based team

Jonty Craine: ‘Having a positive attitude in whatever career choice you start in will go a long way’

Jonty Craine: ‘Having a positive attitude in whatever career choice you start in will go a long way’


What did you study and where?
I graduated from Durham University in 2019 with a Chemistry degree.

What attracted you to your current role?
Whilst I enjoyed studying Chemistry at university, it often felt too theoretical. I was attracted by the practical nature of auditing and the opportunity to have a measurable impact on clients. As cliche as it might sound, the welcoming culture of Deloitte, reflected in the friendliness of the staff, was also a key factor in accepting the role.

The most challenging thing about the working world?
I found working to other people’s timelines challenging to begin with. As a student it’s completely acceptable to start your coursework at 10pm the night before it’s due. Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the case in the working world and procrastination isn’t quite as acceptable. You need to learn proper time-management skills quite quickly.

Do you have any mentors in your workplace?
Deloitte provides numerous mentors at varying professional levels including buddies, coaches and senior staff. This has been invaluable in both helping me to understand the technical side of work, but also as an aid to settling into the company.

The most valuable thing you have learned since you joined the workforce?
It’s okay to ask for help. Before joining the workforce I had the wrong perception that, with enough time and googling, I could answer any questions I had. I very quickly learnt that this was not the case at all. Being able to reach out to a colleague with any queries, or to seek advice, is a huge advantage to both yourself and the wider team.

How has Covid-19 affected your start in the workplace?
The pandemic has meant that all my work so far has been conducted virtually. The pros of this include the short commute to work and the ability to work with people across the country. The biggest cons have been challenges in developing personal relationships with colleagues (there are only a certain number of Zoom quizzes someone can handle) and having no idea how tall people are (a potential Zoom update?)

One piece of advice for new graduates?
Choose your love and love your choice. I think this piece of advice is actually meant to apply to marriage. However, I do believe that having a positive attitude in whatever career choice you start in will go a long way.