Leaving Cert construction studies: Working from home features on fair paper

Passive houses and sustainable living also appear on higher-level paper

Leaving Cert construction studies: Working from home features on a straightforward paper

Passive houses and sustainable living featured on a fair and straightforward higher-level construction studies exam, teachers have said.

James Howley, ASTI subject representative and a teacher at St Nathy's in Ballaghadereen, Co Roscommon, said that the exams were appropriate for the times we are in.

“The examiners were conscious of the subject and how it evolves to address issues such as sustainable living and energy,” he said. “I think some students who didn’t sit the exam and went for accredited grades instead may quite liked this paper.”


Aidan Brogan, TUI subject representative and a teacher at Davitt College in Castlebar, Co Mayo, said that students would have welcomed the extra choice and time this year.

"Question three, which I call the 'Room to Improve' question after the RTÉ show, asked students to design an office space for working from home. They were asked to consider health and wellbeing while working at home. Given that more people are working at home as a result of the pandemic, this was a topical question."

Mr Brogan said that the paper covered all aspects of the curriculum.

Mr Howley said the ordinary questions, which included insulation, glazing and outdoor spaces, were straightforward. “There were no shockers,” he said.

Try this one at home: Leaving Cert construction studies "There is considerable potential to convert and reuse former schools, churches, mills and farm buildings in the county which will preserve these historic buildings which presently lie empty. This is an approach which underpins sustainable development in that it retains our built heritage while bringing empty structures into use. The reuse of these buildings can help to reduce the demand for new housing while also preserving the vernacular design of the area."

Adapted from: County Roscommon Rural Design Guidelines by Roscommon County Council Published by: Roscommon County Council

(a) Discuss the above statement in detail.

(b) Propose three best practice guidelines that would promote the reuse or repurposing of some existing buildings in Ireland.