Dublin water shortages to continue

Water shortages imposed from 7pm to 7am on tomorrow morning


Restrictions on water supplies in Dublin have been extended for a further two days, the city council has confirmed.

They will be imposed from 7pm tonight to 7am on Monday morning and for the same 12-hour period tomorrow into Easter Tuesday.

A review of water levels at Stillorgan Reservoir will be conducted on Tuesday to determine if the limits can be lifted.

A spokesman for the council urged householders and businesses in Dublin to help conserve water. “We will make every effort possible to maintain water pressures during peak demand periods, but pressures will be reduced at times.

“This will result in consumers across the entire city experiencing lower pressures or in some cases a possible loss of supply.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused and will do everything possible to minimise the scale and duration of the restrictions.”

Damage caused by the unseasonably cold weather has increased leakage in the system while a production issue at the Roundwood treatment plant in Co Wicklow has also caused a reduction in supplies.