Davis earned €60,000 in fees last year


REMUNERATION:PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE Mary Davis earned more than €60,000 in director fees last year in addition to her salary of more than €150,000, according to figures on her income published on her website.

Ms Davis released details of her earnings from her position as managing director of Special Olympics Europe Eurasia, as well as income from her membership of three State and three commercial boards. She also posted her P60 on her website.

Ms Davis has earned a total of €390,632 in fees over the past decade from being a member of the board of six companies.

Two of the commercial boards are related to Bank of Ireland. The first was ICS Building Society, for which she received fees of €25,000 a year between 2008 and 2010. She was also a director of Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank in 2010, for which she received a fee of €18,750. Ms Davis was also a board member of The Irish Times Trust from 2006 until earlier this year. Her annual payments were: €13,700 in 2007 and 2008; €11,645 in 2009; €10,960 in 2010; and €4,566 this year.

The three State boards she has been a member of are the National Sports Campus Development Authority (the company originally formed to build the so-called Bertie Bowl), of which she was a member for 10 years; the Dublin Airport Authority and the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland.

Ms Davis’s salary was €156,310 last year. “I have called for openness in the debate regarding who should be the next president of Ireland and I am perfectly happy to practise what I preach in relation to transparency,” she said.

Another candidate, Seán Gallagher, also disclosed the payments he received from the three boards on which he has served.

He applied to become a director of Fás in 2010 and donated the fees of €11,000 to charity.

He has received a total of €30,000 in fees from the North-South body InterTrade Ireland over a four-year period (an average of €7,500 per annum). He said he had declined expenses from the body. Mr Gallagher was also appointed to the board of Drogheda Port Company in July last year. He said he had declined any board fees or expenses.