Defence team of Irish nanny say failure to turn over medical report ‘outrageous’

US judge has set another hearing date for November 20th to monitor progress

Medical evidence have been handed over to the the defence team of Irish nanny Aisling Brady McCarthy, a court in the US has heard.

In a brief hearing, prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald told a judge that some medical slides taken from the infant have been turned over to Ms Brady McCarthy’s defense team, but a report from the prosecution’s medical expert will not be completed until next month.

Ms Brady McCarthy is accused of killing toddler Rehma Sabir in her family's apartment near Boston. The Co Cavan woman, who has been in jail since January 2013, has pleaded not guilty.

Defence attorney Melinda Thompson called the prosecution’s failure to turn over medical and other exculpatory information after more than a year “outrageous” and said her own expert will need at least six weeks to examine that evidence before the case goes to trial on January 20th.


Ms Brady McCarthy was not present at today’s hearing.

Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Maureen Hogan set another hearing date for November 20th to check on the progress that is being made to turn over all evidence to defense attorneys.

The nanny’s defence lawyers have asked prosecutors at least 18 times since the start of the case for those evidence documents, according to court paperwork.