Man jailed after killing friend in shotgun dare

Craig Mullarney pleads guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to reckless discharge of firearm

A man who shot and killed his friend after the victim had dared him to pull the trigger of a gun has been jailed for four years.

Craig Mullarney (22) told gardaí that Kris Emmet (21), had assured him that the double-barrelled shotgun’s safety catch was on. Ballistics tests on the legally held firearm over a year later found that the weapon would go off even when the safety catch was on.

Mullarney of Sheepmoor Avenue, Clonsilla, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to the reckless discharge of a firearm at Fortlawn Park, Blanchardstown, on February 16th, 2010. Judge Martin Nolan said there was an absolute obligation on Mullarney to make sure the gun was not loaded before pointing it at a person.