Postman who allegedly ‘re-posted’ mail wants job back

Gary Boyle (31) claims he has been set up by people ‘ill disposed towards him’

A postman who lost his job for allegedly “re-posting” his mail instead of delivering it has asked a judge to give him his job back.

Gary Boyle (31) denied having re-posted mail into a post box on his route in Coolock, Dublin.

The High Court heard he had failed to overturn his dismissal through an internal appeal process after An Post had found him "guilty of gross misconduct."

Mr Justice Max Barrett heard an inquiry set up to address the non-delivery of mail had been carried out by members of the An Post investigation branch.


Barrister Stephen O’Sullivan, for Mr Boyle, told the court his client had not been told during interviews who suspected him of wrongdoing and who had carried out the internal investigation.

Mr Boyle, a father of three, had asked the court for injunctions directing his reinstatement as a postman and preventing An Post from hiring someone for his position. He had also sought the payment of his salary by An Post pending the hearing of his legal action.

Judge Barrett, having read affidavits and heard legal submissions, said he would give his decision next week.

Mr O’Sullivan told the court that Mr Boyle, who had been a postman for several years, was one of seven siblings working for An Post.

Mr Boyle claimed his reputation was being damaged and fair procedures had not been followed before the decision to dismiss him last May.

An Post had carried out its investigation after mail due to be delivered had been recovered in September last year.

Counsel said his client had been interviewed by a different person than the one who sacked him and his dismissal had been decided on documentation only.

He said Mr Boyle did not have access to various “crucial” documents at the time, including internal memos.

Mark Connaughton SC, for An Post, said the company had followed fair procedures and concluded, following the investigation, that Mr Boyle was the only person who could have reasonably been involved in the wrong doing.

Mr Connaughton said Mr Boyle was represented by union members at his oral hearing. Mr Boyle alleged he had been set up by people ill disposed towards him and his family and who had been engaged in a conspiracy by reposting mail.

He said Mr Boyle had not disputed he had been the only postman delivering on that route and the post box concerned was on his route.