Dublin murder trial told deceased pleaded with accused after first shot fired

Seán Ducque has pleaded not guilty to murdering Kieran Farrelly

The former partner of a man, charged with murder, has told his trial that the deceased pleaded with him after the accused fired the first of two shots at him.

Laura Dempsey had earlier left the witness box during her evidence to the Central Criminal Court, saying: "I can't do this, sorry."

She was testifying in the trial of 33-year-old Seán Ducque, who is charged with murdering a man in Dublin City in 2014.

The father of one, of no fixed abode, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Kieran Farrelly (33) on October 26th, 2014 at Killarney Court, Killarney Street.


However, as his trial got under way Wednesday, his barrister, Hugh O’Keeffe SC, stood up to make an admission.

"The accused, Seán Ducque, admits that on October 26th, 2014, he fired two shots from a shotgun, later found on Mabbot Lane, which killed Kieran Farrelly," he said.

Laura Dempsey testified Thursday morning that she was in a relationship with the accused at the time, and that they had a child.

She told Dominic McGinn SC, prosecuting, that she had been selling heroin in the city with Mr Farrelly’s partner that evening. She confirmed that she [Ms Dempsey] had difficulty with heroin in the past.

She said they later met the accused and the deceased, and began walking towards Summerhill.

Mr McGinn asked if they were walking towards Summerhill for any reason.

“I can’t do this, sorry,” she said, before leaving the witness box and the courtroom.

The trial was adjourned for a period. When the jury returned, Ms Dempsey was back in the witness box.

Very upsetting

Mr Justice Paul Butler told the jury that it should go without saying that this case was going to be very upsetting for all those involved in it.

Ms Dempsey resumed her evidence, testifying that they arrived at a block of flats and Mr Ducque got over some railings. She said the deceased’s partner told Mr Farrelly to go after him.

“I couldn’t see anything but all I could see was Seán shooting Kieran,” she said.

She said she heard the shot “straight away” after Mr Farrelly got over the railings.

“He shot him I think in the chest and the face or head,” she continued. “He shot him twice.”

She said there were probably a few seconds between the two shots.

“After the first shot, all I heard was Kieran saying: ‘Please Seán No’,” she said.

She was asked what she thought was going to happen when they got to Summerhill.

“I thought Kieran was just going to get a hiding,” she replied.

She said there had been an argument between the deceased and his partner, during which he had slapped her, and that the woman “was saying to give him a hiding”.

“I didn’t know there was a gun there,” she said.

She was asked about Mr Ducque’s reaction to what the other woman was saying.

“Seán was on crystal meth that night,” she said “He just said he was going to blow his legs off.”

Ms Dempsey will continue her evidence Thursday afternoon before Mr Justice Paul Butler and a jury of six men and six women.