Council to trap illegal dumpers on camera


Has Longford County Council installed covert video cameras on a secluded stretch of road outside Longford town to prevent illegal dumping there? It's not saying - but all indications are that it has begun a major offensive against the problem.

It has cost the council thousands of pounds to remove huge piles of illegally dumped material at Ferefad Road, which serves as a link road for the Ardagh and Moydew roads, over the past few months.

Some weeks ago council workers took tons of rubbish from the side of the road following complaints from residents of the area who said it had been four years since the roadside was properly cleared.

In all, 30 truckloads of rubbish, including old beds, furniture, televisions and washing machines, were taken from the area in a major clean-up. But now the dumpers are being taken on by the acting county engineer, Mr Mel McCormack, who told a council meeting he may install covert video cameras to trap the dumpers.

"I know who these people are but the problem is that we have been unable to catch them. We need evidence and if we can, get that evidence on camera," he said.

"These people are destroying the countryside and turning the side of the road into a rubbish tip. They are costing the taxpayers a lot of money and we are now doing something about it," he added.

"We cannot watch this site 24 hours a day but cameras can and that will stop the dumping." Asked if the covert cameras had been put in place, Mr McCormack said that to answer such a question would defeat the purpose of the exercise.

"I am not going to tell you but you may find out in due time." Mr McCormack said much of the rubbish taken from the site could easily be recycled. "Of course some of the rubbish, especially the old washing machines, have already had their motors removed so even the dumpers know the potential of recycling," he added.

"It is time for this to stop and we are going to stop it." People who are caught dumping Road, with or without the aid of a camera, face fines of ú800 for the first offence.