Controversial Quality Bus Corridor to open


A controversial special bus route along one of south Dublin's main traffic arteries is due to open this morning, amid predictions of congestion and lengthy tailbacks for motorists travelling into the city.

The Automobile Association has campaigned against this morning's introduction of the Stillorgan Quality Bus Corridor (QBC), arguing that it is starting without the extra facilities such as extra car-parks which would encourage motorists to switch to buses.

But yesterday Dublin Corporation said the media had concentrated on problems for motorists but not the benefits which bus passengers, cyclists and passengers would enjoy when the QBC starts.

The 10km QBC runs from Foxrock through Stillorgan, Donnybrook and Leeson Street to St Stephen's Green. At Donnybrook it occupies one of the two inward traffic lanes, leaving one only for cars.

The AA said the dedication of a lane on the route for the exclusive use of buses would do more harm than good. "Dublin Corporation have given us a bus lane and they're selling it as a QBC," the AA spokesman, Mr Conor Faughnan, said.

"From mid-September right through the winter we're going to see spectacular delays on the Bray Road, and unfortunately traffic on that route can't do much to divert from it. We feel it's going to be a traffic disaster," he said.

Extra traffic gardai will be on duty. The Garda said that initially it will concentrate on educating road-users about new rules, rather than prosecuting those who accidentally commit offences.