One charger to rule them all as MEPs back new phone deal

EU-wide harmonisation of mobile phone chargers set to become a reality

A standard battery charger for all mobile phones could finally be on the horizon if a provisional deal agreed by MEPs and the Council of Ministers today get the green light by the full European Parliament and member-states next year.

More than four years ago, the industry’s top names agreed to back an EU-wide harmonisation of mobile phone chargers, but a single standard never materialised

Member states will be given two years to transpose the regulation into their national law while all manufacturers - including Apple and Samsung, the two largest players in the smart phone market - will be given an additional year to comply.

A full session of the European Parliament is expected to sign off the law in March and the standard battery charger should be available some time in 2017.


"I am especially pleased that we agreed on the introduction of a common charger – although the Council and the Commission were hesitant at first. This will benefit the consumers", said rapporteur Barbara Weiler after the successful outcome of the negotiations with the Council.

The draft directive lays down harmonised rules for bring radio equipment, including mobile phones , car door openers and modems, on to the market.

MEPs also agreed that there should be additional means for market surveillance in order to track and monitor products which fail to comply with the new rules.

Conor Pope

Conor Pope

Conor Pope is Consumer Affairs Correspondent, Pricewatch Editor and cohost of the In the News podcast