Ice-cream: The good, the dear and the fudgey

Pricewatch: Expensive ice-cream is worth the taste but leaves a hole in the pocket

As the summer (we hope) heats up, here’s where you can get the best value for money ice-cream

As the summer (we hope) heats up, here’s where you can get the best value for money ice-cream


Halo Chocolate Flavoured Ice-cream €5 for 473ml, €10.66 per litre

You might be forgiven after reading this review for thinking that we did not like this product. You’d be wrong. We actually kind of do like it, it’s just that it really, really struggles when it is consumed immediately before and immediately after other less wholesome but considerably more ice-creamy products.

A single serving contains just 80 calories which is a lot less than its rivals and there is significantly less sugar and less fat than you will find elsewhere. While it tastes nicer than it probably should, it is still on the watery and insipid side and we are not entirely convinced that the world is ready for a healthy ice-cream of this kind. We also marvelled at the price which seemed excessive to us.
Verdict: Healthy but disappointing
Star rating: * *

Magnum Classic Ice Cream €5.99 for 440ml, €13.70 per litre

Hang on! A Magnum in a tub? How amazing does that sound? If you are fond of this brand of ice-cream when it is on a stick, then you will be bowled over by it when it is in a bowl. The rich and creamy vanilla ice-cream is encased in a thick chocolate suit which you have to crack open by pressing the tub in a particular spot. We loved the chocolate and we loved the ice-cream. We did not, however, love the price. And what’s the story with the tub size? 440ml? How many people does Magnum think this tub is going to serve in a single sitting? And if the answer is not “one” then we’re going to have words.
Verdict: Lovely but dear
Star rating: * * * *

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie €3.50 for 500ml

This is a ridiculous product. But we love it. The ice-cream is very good and very, very chocolatey but the stars of the show are the chunks of brownie of which there are loads. They are very sticky and very chewy so you’d best be warned that this is not the kind of ice-cream you can expect to eat delicately, and you will end up doing a mean impression of a cow while consuming it. We also liked the price – while it is not the cheapest ice-cream we trialled, it was definitely much better value than its pricier rivals and much better than its cheapest competitor.
Verdict: Gorgeously sticky
Star rating: * * * * *

Tesco Triple Chocolate Ice Cream €1.95 for 900ml €2.20 per litre

If you are looking for a low-cost ice-cream then you won’t go far wrong with this. While it is nowhere near as nice as the high end options, it is a fraction of the price. The flavour of the ice-cream is on the thin side - which is something Pricewatch won’t be if it continues to review ice-cream, and the thing that really gave this its chocolaty goodness were the shavings of dark, milk and white chocolate on top of the ice-cream. In addition to adding flavour, it also added texture. While this is not a fancy ice-cream it is pleasant enough and will hit the spot on a hot summer’s day.
Verdict: Pleasant enough
Star rating: * * *