Challenge to job credential denied


A solicitor practising in the Chief State Solicitor's office was yesterday refused leave to take a High Court challenge to the requirement that applicants for the posts of third and fourth legal assistant in the Attorney-General's Office must be barristers.

In an affidavit, Mr Kevin O'Connell (30), of Viking Harbour, Ushers Island, Dublin, said that, as a solicitor rather than a barrister, he was precluded from the competition for the positions for third and fourth legal assistant. However, in all other respects, he believed he had the requisite qualifications and experience to qualify for the competition.

Mr Justice O Caoimh said the advertisement for the position of fourth legal secretary clearly specified applicants must have at least four years legal experience. In this case, Mr O'Connell only had three. On this ground alone, he must fail in his application.