Car registration plate change takes effect


The registration plates of new cars in Ireland will change from tomorrow, as rules introduced in December’s budget take effect.

Instead of a car being registered as 13-D or 13-LK, for example, it will be a 131-D or 131-LK if purchased before July, when a second registration period will begin, bringing in 132 plates.

The move fulfils a wish within the motor trade to even out the annual sales rush in the first quarter, where 80 per cent of new car sales occur.

Society of the Irish Motor Industry president Alan Lyons described the move as “really good news” for the industry.

“We have been highlighting the problem of seasonality in our industry, where 80 per cent of new cars are sold in the first half of the year, forcing garages to reduce staff because of lack of business later on in the year.” The new plate would “have a hugely positive impact” in the long term.

The move will also overcome fears superstition might get the better of buyers who would refrain from buying a car with a 13 registration.