Bard's book to be reissued


Two members of Limerick's Cranberries have put up the money to reissue the poems and songs of a famous ancestor, the Bard of Thomond.

Michael Hogan, the bard, was less fortunate than his two great-great grandsons, musician brothers Noel and Michael, of Cranberries fame, regarding finances. The brothers are now financing the reissuing of the poet's Lays and Legends of Thomond. It was first published in 1861.

The book will be on sale in Limerick shops for April 20th, the day after the centenary of the bard's death.

The book was first published in 1861 and is a collection of the poet's life-time works, containing the famous epic Drunken Thady. The last print is now a collector's item.

Along with the book reprint, Limerick Corporation are erecting a bronze statue in Hogan's honour, probably in the King John's Castle area.