Banking problem: customer reaction


PATRICK HERON,Maryland, Dublin.

“My wife’s salary and my salary were meant to go in to our accounts last Friday but they have not gone in yet.

“My question is, what is going on? I have just lodged €300 and where is that now? Is this all a viral or hacking problem? I really want to know what the actual problem is.”

FRANKIE BROGAN,Chapelizod, Dublin

“It hasn’t affected me too much, just certain little things haven’t gone through, like bills have not been paid.

“But other than that it has been all right. The girls have been fantastic in there, so I can’t really complain too much. Although, I am hoping that it is not going to go on much longer.”

SINEAD DUFFY,Castleknock, Dublin

“In terms of our salaries, we do not know whether they are going to go through or not. We have got direct debits and we are not sure whether they are going to be taken or not. It is a lot of inconvenience. We do not know how long it is going to go on for.

“People looking to withdraw money are being expected to bring in ID such as drivers’ licences. They seem to have no records at all. It is inconvenient when people are taking time off work to just access their cash.”

ROSA ANNA LOZANO,Alicante, Spain

“I am trying to pay for a hotel reservation and I need to lodge money into a bank account and I can’t do it. They told me I have to withdraw the cash and take it to Western Union.

“They couldn’t even look at my account there, so I have to go to the ATM and get a mini-statement. I had to walk around with €1,000 from here to there, so it is not very convenient really. But as long as it does not affect our mortgage payments; that would then be a big problem for us.”

LUKE MULLAN,Blanchardstown, Dublin

“I am moving to Australia tomorrow. A couple of things happened: I wanted to exchange money to Australian dollars, my pay has not gone in which was meant to go in today and they won’t give me a letter to say that my money was meant to go in.

“So we have to wait and see if we can get something sorted. It could be very bad for my trip, if they ask me to prove my bank balance when I arrive and I can’t. I could be back on the next flight home again. Fingers crossed that it will be sorted soon.”

MICK DWYERGreenhills, Dublin

“My wages were supposed to go in last week, but these things happen, so I am not too pushed about it.

“I am lucky enough that it has not affected me so far, but it will affect me this week. I am down here [at Ulster Bank] to talk to the bank and see what they have to say, but hopefully it will be okay.”