'All files' should be open to gardai - Bishop


The Bishop of Killaloe, Dr Willie Walsh, has said that where the bishops are concerned "all files" should be open for inspection by the gardaí.

He was speaking to RTÉ's Would You Believe programme, which will be broadcast tonight at 10.10 p.m. on RTÉ One Television.

"The files, every file that I have and I believe the same . . . it's the same for all my colleagues \ . . . the files are open to inspection by the gardaí. If the gardaí want to come and inspect any file that I have in the morning I'm quite happy to let them do so."

He has also come out strongly in favour of the line adopted by US bishops where clerical child sex abuse is concerned.

"If you are talking about the rape of a child, I don't have any question whatsoever, one strike and you're out. Zero tolerance. I agree with zero tolerance whenever there is the slightest danger of abuse of a child," he said.

He talked about the possible need to change rules on celibacy and women priests and said nothing should get in the way of the gospel message.

"The church is there to serve the gospel and whatever structures that are there that are not serving the gospel then let them be taken down brick by brick . . . and lets be rid of whatever structures are not serving the gospel and good riddance to them," he said.