Alderdice foresees talks difficulties


THE Northern talks would start on Monday with very great difficulties ahead, the leader of the Alliance Party, Lord Alderdice, warned in Dublin last eight.

After an hour long meeting with the Taoiseach, Lord Alderdice said it was appreciated in Dublin and London that they had "a serious problem ahead and that there are no easy answers to it".

He would not be surprised to see moves to have the loyalist fringe parties excluded from the talks. He would be advocating that the rule of law apply to the loyalists, the republicans and to some of the unionist leaders, who had driven a coach and horses through the rule of law in Drumcree and other places.

The appearance by the Rev William McCrea, of the DUP, on a platform with Mr Billy Wright in Portadown on Wednesday night was "an absolute disgrace, and if he has any conscience himself he will know it is a disgrace".

Mr McCrea knew there were people there who were supportive, of the UVF, "indeed, some of the most vicious elements in the UVF" Lord Alderdice said.