€789,000 awarded to retired garda for injuries on duty


A retired garda who suffered a back injury when his patrol car was rammed by a stolen car during a high-speed chase 13 years ago has received €789,000 in compensation from the High Court.

Mr Justice William Hanna said Noel Kevane (43), a father of three, from Roscarbery, Cork, had had a “torrid time to date”.

Mr Kevane had a “spontaneous nervous breakdown” five years later and was retired from the Garda in November 2009 due to depressive illness, the judge said.

Mr Justice Hanna ruled that Mr Kevane was significantly injured in the line of duty during the chase that also caused later physical and mental difficulties and he was entitled to be compensated.

He was impressed by Mr Kevane as an honest and intelligent man whose injuries had life-long implications and cut short a promising career in the Garda, the judge added.

Mr Kevane took the case over the incident in May 1999 when a stolen car being pursued by gardaí rammed his patrol car at Cahir, Co Tipperary.

In his judgment, Mr Justice Hanna said there was little surprise Mr Kevane joined the Garda as his father and other family members had also been in the force. Mr Kevane was an enthusiatic and able Garda.