2000 bits of advice


YOU are not alone in facing up to the Year 2000 problem (Y2K in the jargon). Many Irish computer services groups offer Year 2000 services and several contacted Computimes to highlight this.

Among them were:

. Datatex, (Derry) tel 08-01504-374773

. Digital Ireland, 01-8385433

. Delphi Software (Dublin) tel 01-6607877

. Systems Modelling (Gorey) tel 055-22294

. Piercom (Limerick) 061-335322

. The Institute of Business Analysts and Consultants is holding a half day seminar on February 12th at UCD on Preparing for the Year 2000. (tel 01-2835500)

There is also lots of Year 2000 information on the Net, including...

. http://web.idirect.com/mbsprog/

A huge collection of information by the Year 2000 Information Network.

. http://wwwyahoo.com

This turned up 94 sites on a search for: "Year 2000" AND computer.

. http://altavista.digital.com

Search for vendor specific information with a query like: url.compaq "Year 2000"

. comp.software.year-2000

Usenet discussion of the problem, with some good tips and war stories.

Computimes will return to the Year 2000 issue in future issues. (Current series concluded.)