Are you dreading or looking forward to your 2022 summer holiday? Share your hopes and fears

High costs at home, chaos if you fly abroad ... Would it be easier to stay at home?

Since before Easter, people flying out of Dublin Airport have had to endure nail-biting days wondering if their flights would take off, while domestic holiday-makers have been bombarded with tales of high hotel prices, unattainable accommodation and, if they want to hire a car, “gouging” by rental companies. Will you carry on holidaying regardless, or is it all too much to bear? We would like to hear the thoughts of Irish holiday-makers on their 2022 vacations or staycations, for an upcoming article. Do you intend to travel? Have you had to change plans? Is it costing more than you had planned? Share your story in the form in this article, and it might appear in an upcoming Irish Times article.