What's hot, what's cold

What's hot: Staple Foods and Simone Rocha. Not: RTE Player and burrito bowls



Simone Rocha for J Brand Pink denim and ruffles abound in her 16-piece collaboration with cult US jeansters (Not cool: Simone Rocha being described as “British” in the US press)

Pears Slice and insert in leaf of endive. Add vinaigrette. Blue cheese if you wish. Elegant finger food. Movember It’s upon us. Grab a ringside seat somewhere hipster central in your town and watch the increasing number of hillbilly beards struttin’ on by.

Spot of FootGolf? A mixture of football and golf – wildly popular with stag parties

Generous portions at Staple Foods Huge and delicious platefuls

Late autumn sunsets Blood red, vibrant orange,puce and purple. Brightening the every-earlier night time skies


RTÉ Player Why is Love/Hate only available week to week? How do we catch up? It’s not the same when someone has to tell us what happened

Laser DVD closing down The best purveyors of world cinema in all the land. Boohoo

Emergency tax We know it can be viewed as a savings facility . . . but that really doesn’t help with paying the rent this month

Burrito bowls If you’re going to go into the burrito place, just do it right . . . don’t pretend you enjoyed that cold plastic bowl of beans, rice, onion and guacamole

Gift receipts expiring after 14 days: Thought you had 28 days? Eh no.