What’s hot and what’s not this week?

We’re enjoying watching the progress of the Joan Didion documentary on instagram but not so keen on ant invasions

What’s hot

'Town Is Dead' The guys behind Alice In Funderland have a new musical at the Abbey in June, booking now

Talking authors Naomi Klein and Jacqueline Wilson are in the RDS on May 5th as a precursor to the International Literature Festival Dublin

@didiondoc Following the progress of the official Joan Didion documentary on Instagram


Open Ear A festival of experimental music on Sherkin Island June 3rd-5th

Return of the patch On jeans, denim jackets, bombers. They're back

The Gloaming at Body & Soul One of the best bookings this summer, and just a month and a half away

Baroque techno DJ Jeff Mills, one of the Detroit pioneers, is teaming up with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra for some Dublin shows this October. As bizarre as it is intriguing

What’s not

Painful corkscrews Poor design makes a bigger impact on your palm than it does on a cork

Ant invasion The downside of the weather getting warmer

Ye Olde Themed Bars How many more twee, gimmicky venues does the capital need?

Pulling a McGregor A dramatic gesture followed by a u-turn. We've all been there

Hoverboards A trend that fell (often literally) as quickly as it rose

The comments The conversation about how worthwhile "below the line" is, is growing