Travel Gear: Gadgets to get the measure of your journey

Tracking devices for your bike, your ears and your runners

Lezyne Micro C Watch; Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition Headphones; MilestonePod

Lezyne Micro C Watch In effect this is a GPS bike computer for your wrist, drawing much of its computational smarts from paring with other monitoring hardware and your smartphone. So, you've got power metering, heart rate and speed/cadence options, with full turn-by turn-navigation, live route tracking and modes for running and hiking too. Charging is by USB, claiming 14 hours with the GPS active; and there are phone, email and text notifications too. It's not the best looking smartwatch around, but there's decent bike functionality. £140 from

Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition Headphones Jabra's wireless Sport Pulse headphones already boast a surprising bit of technology: they measure heart rates. Now it has extended this biometric tracking on its Special Edition version, which comes with continuous automatic VO2 Max fitness monitoring, too. These look very similar to the originals, and have access to the same extras, such as in-ear coaching, courtesy of the Jabra app, so that's an actual voice in your head telling you to workout harder, and the usual music and phone controls. €160, see for details

MilestonePod There are plenty of higher priced alternatives to Milestone's running tracker, however it has pretty much everything the casual runner might need. Just clip it securely on to your trainer laces and it measures an array of expected run metrics including speed, distance and stride length, as well as more esoteric data, such as foot strike and cadence. The information is managed via its own app, and when you change your runners, your pod transfers to the next pair. $25, see