Go niche

A London hotel that offers 40WiNKS


Take the boutique hotel concept to its natural conclusion and, sooner or later, you’ll end up at 40 winks. Sorry, 40 WiNKS.

Having the typography just so matters here; it is a hotel designed to give “photographers, stylists, art directors, designers, buyers, models and anyone in the creative and fashion industries” somewhere “fun and different to stay” when in London for work or pleasure.

The East London hotel is also the home of interior designer David Carter (check out his day job at alacarter.com).

Though decidedly quirky, the hotel’s rooms may look strangely familiar . If so it’s because they have been the backdrop for umpteen fashion and celebrity photo shoots.

The hotel also runs Burtonesque public events, such as Bedtime Stories, where the dress code is PJs and nighties.

The four storey townhouse, built in 1717, is described by Carter as a mix of old and new, the seriously grand peppered with a sprinkling of shabby chic, “exuding glamour, wit and charm”.

That’s a tall order for any hotel, but particularly for one that holds just two bedrooms. Indeed, apart from the fact that you can book them by the night or the week, there aren’t many accoutrements you’d find in a regular hotel, such as room service, or staff.

But of course that’s its charm. And don’t despair if you don’t work in fashion or the arts. 40WiNKS welcomes “anyone who loves places that are different and quirky, who enjoys good conversation, and has a healthy appetite for life”.

Rates from £110 (€127) a night, including breakfast.