Róisín Meets: Making a Murderer's Dean Strang, on defending ‘those people’

US lawyer talks to Róisín Ingle about miscarriages of justice and Steven Avery

US defence lawyer Dean Strang shot to fame when he provided legal representation for Steven Avery, twice convicted of murder in Wisconsin.

Avery came to public attention in the Netflix series Making a Murderer, which documented the overturning of his first conviction and the procedural details of his second.

The series drew global audiences, shining a light on the injustices of the US legal system and turning Mr Strang into an unlikely sex symbol.

In the past few weeks he has been in Ireland for a guest lecture series at the law department of the University of Limerick and has given a number of public talks on the role of the defence lawyer, including one entitled 'How Can You Defend Those People?'

On the latest episode of the Róisín Meets podcast, Mr Strang speaks to Róisín Ingle  about the latest developments in the Steven Avery case, how he came to be a defence lawyer in the first place and just what is wrong with the US justice system.

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