Some simple tips for keeping safe


Christmas shoppers have been urged to take some basic precautions to stop thieves from stealing valuable goods from unattended cars.

There are more than 13,000 thefts from cars every year and more than 50 per cent of these are in Dublin.

"The Christmas season sees many people come up to the capital to do their shopping," said AA Ireland's public affairs manager Conor Faughnan.

"Shoppers are more likely to leave valuable contents in the car at this time of year, and thieves know it," added Faughnan. "There's no way to remove the risk entirely, but there are some precautions you can take to make sure you don't let a thief ruin your Christmas."

Shoppers should lock their valuables in the boot of the car and avoid leaving items on the back seat. Covering items with a coat or blanket will only tempt theives into breaking into your car.

Faughnan says doors should be locked even when sitting in traffic as bags, phones and wallets can be snatched by opportune thieves at traffic lights.

"There is a great buzz in our towns and cities in the run up to Christmas," Faughnan added. "With a little foresight and some basic care, you can enjoy all of the craic of the season without falling victim to car crime."