Opel reveals first images of its new Insignia Grand Sport

New refined saloon will debut in March at Geneva Motor Show

Opel showcase the Insignia Grand Sport, coming to the market in 2017. Video: Opel


Opel’s preparations to replace the current Insignia continue apace with the first official images of the new saloon released.

We’ve already had the chance to test the prototype several weeks ago but now the camouflage has been lifted.

For reasons known only to Opel executives, the General Motors-owned brand has opted to add Grand Sport to the saloon’s moniker. It’s not the only thing that has grown.

The wheelbase has been lengthened by 92mm, with most of the benefit going to the rear passengers.

More engaging drive

As the look suggests, the car retains its coupé silhouette but the driver also sits noticeably lower to the ground, resulting in a more engaging drive but also ample headroom despite the lower overall roofline.

Inside, the new Insignia Grand Sport also features a less cluttered dashboard.

The new Insignia has also shed up to 175kg on the outgoing model, which also greatly contributes to its driving dynamics.

As with the Astra, the new Insignia gets the option of very impressive LED lighting that’s seriously worth consideration, while the car’s latest Lane Keep Assist system features with automated steering correction.

It is also fitted with Opel’s OnStar system, which offers a personal assistant service, offering 24-hour assistance at the touch of a button.