20 VW Tiguan: Sophisticated mid-size crossover

A car that can be as connected to the internet as your laptop

The VW Tiguan: a smooth and soothing drive

The VW Tiguan: a smooth and soothing drive


It never ceases to amaze us when a car makes a quantum leap from one generation to the next. The original Volkswagen Tiguan was pleasant to look at and decent to drive, but just a bit on the small side and far to unmemorable in its demeanour.

The new Tiguan wipes that slate clean and is possibly the most sophisticated mid-size crossover you can buy, in feel if not in outright technology. Mind you, it’s not short of that either, from its optional all-digital dashboard to its myriad driver assistance systems and its potential, from the 2017 model year, to be as connected to the internet as your laptop.

It’s pretty nice to drive too; not exceptional (a Toyota RAV4 has superior suspension control in fact), but smooth and soothing, with plenty of power on tap from its 2.0-litre TDI diesel engines.

The 150hp and 190hp versions have now been joined by a more affordable entry-level 115hp model but the Tiguan remains more expensive than key rivals such as the Hyundai Tucson. Seven-seat and plugin hybrid models will come on stream in 2017. The basic 1.4 TSI petrol is a surprisingly good choice.

Price range: €29,085 to €45,655

CO2 emissions: 119 to 152g/km

Which one? 2.0 TDI 115hp Comfortline

PCP from €349 per month