Let it snow at Hunters – from your smartphone

A clever technological innovation allows viewers to trigger a snowfall over the Hunters shopfront window by tweeting from their smartphones

Those never-ending traffic lights at the junction of Waterloo Road and Baggot St have just become a whole lot more entertaining – if you’re a passenger using a smartphone, of course.

Hunters Estate Agents, located onthe corner, has pulled off something of a festive coup by combining an attractive Christmas shopfront with a very clever social media marketing campaign.

The snow-covered mock gingerbread village installed in the windowis an eye-catching diversion for passersby, but a clever technological innovation also allows viewers to trigger a snowfall over the village by tweeting from their smartphones.

The window instillation was created by Verve, The Live Agency while the technology originated from Twitter-activated window snowscenes at Macy’s in New York.


By tweeting @HuntersDublin using the hashtag #homeforchristmas, a credit card sized computer in the window activates a power switch which triggers the two snow machines and the backlit Hunters logo.

It’s the first time the technology has been used by a retailer in Ireland, and given our penchant for nostalgic Christmas windows and mobile technology no doubt it will be a seasonal hit.

The fantasy continues for Hunters as the high street scene includes a plethora of Hunters signs declaring the gingerbread properties Sold.