Erroneous entry still pricey next to £1 sale


On the register: When we saw that 24 apartments on Reuben Street, at the Herberton development, in Rialto, Dublin 8, listed on the property price register as having sold for €5,963 each, we thought we’d stumbled upon the sale of the century.

The one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments at 70, 80 and 82 “Reuban” Street, as it’s misspelt on the register, are listed as selling for that price on December 21st last.

Alas, it would seem that it’s yet another error on the property price register, as, according to P Elliott Construction, which was involved in building them, as part of Maplewood Elliott JV Limited, they were sold to Dublin City Council for €2.8 million – which works out at €117,000 per unit. Dublin City council could not get back to us in time to comment.

Even €5,963 seems expensive compared to the price of houses on a run-down Victorian terrace in Liverpool called Granby Triangle. Apparently they ar expected to go on sale for £1 each, with a clause that buyers must have construction skills to fix them up.

The houses were bought for as much as £70,000 each under John Prescott’s 2003 Pathfinder regeneration scheme, which bought and demolished derelict homes.