No shortage of clubs and activities in Navan

Variety of groups in our Healthy Town have activities taking place

There is no shortage of clubs and activities in Navan, as can be seen by the map.

However, it was impossible to represent every activity that is taking place in the Navan area on the map, for reasons of space. What follows is a further flavour of the type of activities currently taking place:

There are a number of gyms which can be easily accessed. These include Aisling Reilly Fitness ( and Transform Fitness which is is at

For details on Meath Fitness the website is

There is no shortage of sports clubs in the area. Bective GFC which can be found at and

Johnstown Football Club is at:

Navan rugby football club is at

Navan Adventure Sports is at

Those interested in trying their hand at music - remember it s not all about physical exercise - could try St. Mary's Musical Society Navan

There are also several groups involved in "wellness". These include Navan Postive People- Coaching People to Action