One-dish fish: Baked turbot with fresh peas and Pernod sauce

Kitchen Cabinet: Monkfish, cod and hake also work in this quick, one-pan dinner

This recipe is really easy and can be made in one pan in the oven. The fish can be substituted with cod, hake, monkfish. See what your fishmonger has available.

Just be careful as the cooking time might need to be adjusted a little, depending on the size of the fish.

I really enjoy using seasonal ingredients and use them as much as I can at home, when I cook for my family. This is a quick recipe that we all enjoy.

Graham Neville is head chef at Dax in Dublin 2.


Serves two
200g fillet of turbot
300g fresh peas in pod, if possible, or frozen
10 small, new-season onions, or three shallots, quartered lengthwise
20g butter
50ml cream
Good dash of Pernod (or Ricard or Muscadet wine)
Sea salt
Cayenne pepper or white pepper
Squeeze of lemon
50g fish stock or chicken stock (stock cubes will do )


Shell the peas, setting aside the peas and keeping the empty pod shells for stock for another dish.

2 Clean and trim the new-season onions and cut in quarters, leaving a one-inch stem.

3 Cut the turbot in two even-size pieces. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius or gas mark 4.

4 Warm up the stock you have chosen to use.

5 Brush a layer of butter over the bottom of your chosen oven-proof pan. A non-stick pan is ideal.

6 Season the fish evenly with salt and cayenne pepper on both sides and place, spaced apart, in the pan.

7 Place the peas and onion quarters in the pan and spread out around the fish.

8 Pour the hot stock into the pan until the vegetables are covered and it's half way up the fish, add a dash of Pernod and a dash of cream and place the pan into the hot oven. The fish will take about 10 minutes, approximately, depending on size. An easy way to check is, using a fork or cocktail stick, see if you can pierce the fish right the way through. If there is any resistance return it to the oven for another minute.

9 When you are satisfied fish is cooked, the peas and onions will also be tender.

10 Place the fish on two plates and return the sauce and the veg to the hob. Add another splash of Pernod and a squeeze of lemon and a dash of cream. Heat the sauce gently, adjust the seasoning if required, then pour lots of sauce over the fish, dividing the peas and onions evenly. Serve with crusty bread to mop up the sauce and a glass of crisp Muscadet.

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