Food file: frozen goodies in healthy recipes

An award-winning sorbet from Cork; don’t fear the Reaper and milder chillies

FROZEN GOODIES IN HEALTHY RECIPES A raspberry and rose sorbet, sweetened with organic agave, was one of just 14 products in the Republic to win three-star gold status in the recent Great Taste awards, a UK and Ireland competition. On the back of this, the makers of Oh? Naturelle sorbet have secured representation in the UK market.

As well as making sorbet and dairy-free ice-cream, Louise Ryan and Aisling Murphy run a branding and design agency in Cork called Ball & Socket. The demands of running their own business made it difficult for them to look after their diet and fitness, so they enlisted the help of a personal trainer, who advised them to cut out sugary foods and reduce their dairy intake.

In response, Murphy developed healthier recipes for the treats she enjoyed, and with the help of the SuperValu Food Academy they went into production in Little Island in Cork. The are currently selling two sorbets (Grape and Chai Tea with a hint of mint is the other flavour), as well as two types of dairy-free ice-cream from the Start-Up Stall in Cork’s English Market, as well as in Cork branches of SuperValu, with national distribution a priority for them.

The comments from the Great Taste judging panel suggest this is one to look out for: “The judges were transported to the markets of Marrakech” and “A really strong burst of clean, sharp raspberry with a delicate hint of rose. It is an exquisite example of a premium luxury sorbet.”


DON'T FEAR THE REAPER AND MILDER CHILLIES Interest shown in the recent arrival of the Carolina Reaper, the hottest chilli in the world, in Tesco Ireland, demonstrates that there is a market here for spicy food.

Now comes the new Mexican at home kits from Wahaca, a restaurant chain established by former MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers. These will appeal to those who like it mild as well as fiery. There are garlic and chipotle and tomato and chipotle marinades, salsas made with chipotle and tomatillo, soft tacos and corn tortillas in the range, as well as taco kits with everything you'll need except meat and veg. They are now available in Tesco.

If you are still hankering after a taste of the really hot stuff, Pat Crotty uses Carolina Reaper chillies to make the loco caliente wings sauce served at Paris Texas bar and restaurant in Kilkenny. If you're made of truly strong stuff, there's an "all you can eat" wings offer on Tuesday nights. "The more you practice, the more you can eat," Crotty advises.