Flip it anyway! Tuesday is pancake day

Top tips for next week’s Pancake Tuesday feast

Pans at the ready, it’s that time of year again. Donal Skehan demonstrates the art of brilliant pancakes for Pancake Tuesday. Video: HomeCooked Productions


Sudi Pigott is a UK food writer and culinary trends consultant who has a sideline in setting fiendishly difficult questions for food quizzes. Research and the gathering of knowledge are her forte, so she is the ideal person to compile a very comprehensive book of pancake recipes from around the world.

“Almost every global culture has its pancake, and Flipping Good! contains recipes from more than 25 countries, from as-thin-as-one-dares French crêpes to lacy fermented South Indian dosa, and exotically fragrant Arabic atayef,” she says.

There are savoury and sweet takes on the batter, and lots of historical and geographical background – which might come in usesful if you ever find yourself at one of her food quizzes.

Is it necessary to “rest” the batter before you fry pancakes, what’s the best type of pan to use, and is there a knack to “flipping”? You’ll find the answers to these questions and many more in the book, published this week, just in time for Pancake Tuesday, on February 28th.

For additional pancake recipes from Flipping Good!, for Cong you bing – flaky spring onion pancakes from northern China, and puffy blinis perfect for serving with smoked salmon, see irishtimes.com/food

Flipping Good!, by Sudi Pigott, photography by Maja Smend, is published by Kyle Books, £12.99